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  •   National laws and acts
  •   National Decrees
  •   National Regulations or other policies
  •   International agreements/treaties
  •   Codes of ethics and conduct, oaths, other formal commitments
Select data by Themes

  •   Regulations for the National Research and Innovation System
  •   Regulations on Open Science
  •   Tax Incentives for Innovation
  •   Regulations of the Higher Education System
  •   Regulations on Bioethics and Ethics of Science and Technology
  •   Regulations to ensuring responsible research and innovation
  •   Regulations on STI personnel
  •   Regulations on research labs safety/security
  •   Regulations on nuclear, chemical and other dangerous substances
  •   Regulations on STI gender equality
  •   Regulations on inclusive and green technologies
  •   Regulations on Indigenous Knowledge Systems
  •   Intellectual Property Rights
  •   Regulations on intellectual and academic freedom
  •   Protection and preservation of scientific objects and archives
  •   Regulations on national, regional, and international on the mobility of STI personnel
  •   Regulations on the national STI statistical system
  •   Regulations on the transfer of technology at national and international level
  •   Environmental regulations which explicitly include R+D and innovation activities
  •   Regulations on Scientific Activities and Human Rights
  •   Regulations for science parks and innovation centres
  •   International cooperation
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